Marc Charbonneau

I’m Marc Charbonneau, a Swift developer in Portland, OR. I build iOS and macOS apps that people all over the world love to use. Lately I’ve been working on the mobile app Workhood, and my own indie software at Once Living.

In Portland you can often find me at CocoaHeads PDX, a community meetup I help organize.


Workhood • 2015–Present

A location-based social network for the neighborhood where you work. Workhood’s mission is to facilitate connections to your coworkers and neighbors. 20-30% user sign-up rate in test markets.

Showyou • 2012–14

Internet video for your iPhone and iPad. Featured in the App Store Great Free Apps and Best New Apps categories, and in Best apps for your new iPad by The Verge. 3.1 million downloads and 10,000 active monthly users.

Esri Geotrigger Service • 2014–15

Energy efficient geolocation SDK. Installed on over 1.7 million devices worldwide.

Google Fiber TV • 2011–12

A prototype of the first iPad app for Google’s next generation TV service.

Postcard on the Run • 2011–12

Create and send real postcards from your phone. Featured by Selena Gomez on MTV during New Year’s Eve, 2012.

Side Projects

Practice Book • 2016–Present

iOS and macOS apps for guitarists to collect, edit and play tabs and chords. Reliable data syncing through CloudKit.

WhereIGo • 2015

A mobile app for location based lists. Prototype shown onstage at Launch Festival 2015.

WeatherMin • 2010–13

Mac OS X desktop weather monitor with a focus on design.

Didn’t Buy • 2014–15

An iPhone app to track and change your spending habits.

Runner’s Log • 2006–08

Mac OS X app for exercise tracking. Compatible with the Nike+ iPod sensor kit.

Widget Manager • 2005–10

A preference pane to manage Dashboard Widgets on Mac OS X 10.4 and later.