Marc Charbonneau

I’m Marc Charbonneau, a Swift developer in Portland, OR. I build iOS and macOS apps for SmugMug, and my own indie software at Once Living. I’ve shipped apps for the iPhone since its release, and Mac OS X before that.

In Portland you can often find me at CocoaHeads PDX, a community meetup I help organize.


SmugMug • 2017–Now

Create awesome custom photography portfolios. The SmugMug mobile and desktop apps allow photographers to upload, view and manage photos in their galleries.

Workhood • 2015–2017

A location-based social network for the neighborhood where you work. Workhood’s mission is to facilitate connections with your coworkers and neighbors.

Showyou • 2012–14

Internet video for your iPhone and iPad. Featured in Great Free Apps and Best New Apps on the App Store.

Esri Geotrigger Service • 2014–15

Energy efficient geolocation SDK. Installed on over 1.7 million devices worldwide.

Google Fiber TV • 2011–12

A prototype of the first iPad app for Google’s next generation TV service.

Postcard on the Run • 2011–12

Create and send real postcards from your phone. Featured by Selena Gomez on MTV during New Year’s Eve, 2012.

Side Projects

Practice Book • 2016–Present

iOS and macOS apps for guitarists to collect, edit and play tabs and chords. Reliable data syncing through CloudKit.

WhereIGo • 2015

A mobile app for location based lists. Prototype shown onstage at Launch Festival 2015.

WeatherMin • 2010–13

Mac OS X desktop weather monitor with a focus on design.

Didn’t Buy • 2014–15

An iPhone app to track and change your spending habits.

Runner’s Log • 2006–08

Mac OS X app for exercise tracking. Compatible with the Nike+ iPod sensor kit.

Widget Manager • 2005–10

A preference pane to manage Dashboard Widgets on Mac OS X 10.4 and later.